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A novel by Marcelle Dubé

An ‘accidental’ death, a train wreck and dark secrets in a deadly northern winter:

When a man wearing a tux—but no shoes—turns up dead at the scene of a train crash, Kate Williams, chief of police of a tiny northern town, quickly realizes that his death wasn’t accidental. During one of the most brutal winters in recent memory, Kate needs all her resources to discover how the dead man ended up in the snow. The deeper she digs, the deeper the mystery.

When her beautiful niece suddenly arrives on her doorstep, sowing distraction and rivalry among Kate’s constables, Kate worries that she may have to ship her niece back home, if only to get everyone’s attention back on the guy in the tux.

Then her niece goes missing.

The Tuxedoed Man is the second in the Mendenhall Mysteries series featuring Kate Williams, newly hired chief of police. The first was The Shoeless Kid, in which Kate deals with a mutinous deputy chief and a missing boy, and the Cop Games that have invaded her tiny town.

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NIGHT SHIFT (a Mendenhall short mystery)

A short story by Marcelle Dubé

Driving back to Mendenhall late at night in a thunderstorm, Chief of Police Kate Williams stops to check out an accident only to find herself fighting for her life. A Mendenhall Short Mystery by the author of The Shoeless Kid and The Tuxedoed Man.

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A novel by Emma Faraday

Only the death of a good man can save the human and Fey worlds.

Stories—that’s all they are. Passed down from generation to generation of Kirwans, the stories tell of the pact between the Kirwan ancestor and the Fey King Fin Bheara. But the stories are real and when the call comes, all four Kirwan siblings go to Fin Bheara’s aid to help free the Fey.

In a world of tortured tree nymphs and madness, the Fey king needs only one Kirwan, the eldest son, to save the trapped Fey, but all four Kirwans become pawns in the struggle for power between Seelie and Unseelie.

The Kirwans will risk everything—love, honor, and life—in the name of an oath taken centuries earlier, but will it be at the cost of spreading the Fey war to their own world?

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